Articles on Professional Issues

Instructional Revolution by Dr Kagan (New)
Enhanced Performance Management
The Kagen Model of Co-operative Learning
Reflective Teaching, Active Research and the Teaching Portfolio
Implication of Recent Developments in Neuroscince for Research on Teaching and Learning by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Uta Frith (17/9/03)
A Conversation with Prof Allan Luke on the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (17/9/03)
Legal Principles Affecting Teaching by Swithun Lowe
The Kagan Workshops: Some Thoughts on Cooperative Learning, Multiple Intelligences and Brain-Based Learning.
What is Problem-Based Learning:    A Conversation with   Dr Lynda Wee
In Praise of Whole Class Discussion by Karen Harris
Use of Formative Assessment in Classrooms: A Report on STU's Seminar on Assessment for Learning Conducted by Dr Mary James (2-3 Dec 2002)
Creating a Knowledge Base for Teaching: A Conversation with James Stigler by Scott Willis
Philosophy for Children (or Thinking Together) by Dr Ho Wah Kam
STU's Professional Development Strategy by Dr Ho Wah Kam
60 in 06:Our 60th Annivesary Commemorative Book