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Subject:                                                   NTUC Introduces U PME Exchange to Help Working Professionals Stay Relevant and Future-ready in their Careers

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Participants finding out more about U Future Leaders and PIVOT at U PME Exchange

NTUC Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing having a dialogue with jobseekers and working professionals

Taking a quick poll with the crowd at the dialogue


  1. Seeing a greater need to reach out to working professionals, especially those facing employment-related transitions, NTUC introduced the U PME Exchange as a culmination of NTUC’s U PME Week, a week-long lineup of programmes and activities to help working professionals stay relevant and future-ready in their careers. At the event, NTUC Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing held a closed-door dialogue with some 200 jobseekers and working professionals. Below are the key points discussed at the dialogue:

·         In today’s world, don’t look at generalities and averages, focus on the specific part of the sector that you want to be in.

·         While content is important, what is more important is the ability to learn; not just learning the skillsets within your domain of work, but also adjacent skillsets.

·         Working people need to leverage their strengths, partner technology and move into new areas or jobs.


  1. Focused on the theme “Startup Your Career”, the event hopes to inspire working professionals to learn from the mindset of startups –how they thrive on disruptions and shake up many stagnant industries – and ride the waves of disruption. Through specially curated keynote and panel sessions, working professionals were able gain perspectives, knowledge and insights from industry experts, thought leaders and founders of successful startups to stay relevant, reinvent themselves and be better poised to succeed in the future. You may view two of these sessions from NTUC Membership Facebook page.  


  1. The event also saw the involvement of NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), providing on-the-spot career coaching and employment workshops for professionals, and the introduction of the U Future Leaders and the PIVOT programmes for working professionals to sign up for.


  1. At the event, NTUC also partnered Korn Ferry to launch Korn Ferry Advance – a service designed to help working professionals contemplate, design, evaluate and executive strategic job transitions by tapping into assessments and job profiling tools. This service will be made exclusive to NTUC members for six months.


  1. For more details on U PME Exchange and Korn Ferry Advance, please refer to the attached press release.


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