Student Outreach – Workshop Synopsis



GCE ‘O’ Level Seminars (March / June School Vacation)


The year 2014 will see the expansion of STU’s GCE ‘O’ Level seminars to be held during the March and June school vacation. The programme will focus in particular on the new examination papers based on Syllabus 1128 for English Language.


Objective of the Seminars

These Seminars are intended to build on what teachers have already taught in the regular classes by providing further insights into the demands of:


   (a)   English Language Papers 1128,

   (b)   Unseen Passage Question in the Literature papers, and

(c)       The prescribed texts for the Literature-in-English Paper (Syllabus 2015/01 and            




The presenters are either specialists in teaching the ‘O’ Level English Language papers and in the case of English Literature, specialists, who have taught extensively in such fields as Shakespearean drama, the modern English novel, modern  American drama and also in the more recent genre of local Singapore literature.


During the holidays we have planned a series of seminars:

·         English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2

·         Unseen Passage Question for Literature and

·         Prescribed texts



  • English Language Seminars(Papers 1 and 2) (3 hours): $30 per student
  • Prescribed Literature texts $30 per session, $40 for two sessions,

$55 for three sessions and $70 for four sessions.


If you have any queries regarding the sessions, please get in touch with Ms Aileen Ho ( at 6299 3936. If your school is using a text for the 2014 GCE ‘O’ Level Literature Examination that is not in the Appendix B schedule, please speak to Ms Aileen Ho. We will take note of your request and assign a session for the text, if the number of participants is 20 or greater and if we are able to identify a suitably qualified speaker for it.

Please forward us the Application Forms in the appendices as soon as possible.

We value the support you and your school have been giving to this annual STU Project. We look forward to meeting your school’s ‘O’ Level candidates for this year at the different sessions as set out in Appendix A (for English Language) and Appendix B (for Literature-in-English).

The venue is the NTUC Centre (Level 7), One Marina Boulevard, accessible by underground link way from Raffles Place MRT station.

APPLICATION FORM (June 2014 Application Form will be available soon)

Click here to view the pictures of our past GCE ‘O’ Level Seminars


For more details, please contact Ms Aileen Ho at 6299 3936 or write to




PSLE Seminars

The Singapore Teachers’ Union has been conducting the STaR Programme in numerous primary schools since 1980. It is now organising a PSLE Seminars to help our pupils prepare for the PSLE examination which is held in early October each year.


Due to the overwhelming response for the past years, The Singapore Teachers’ Union will be conducting more PSLE Seminars to help our pupils prepare for the PSLE examination.

We have engaged very experienced primary school education officers to conduct this seminar. The aim of this seminar is to help your child excel in the PSLE examination. The topics include Motivation, English Language, Science and Mathematics.

We are confident that this seminar will equip your child with essential examination skills enabling your child to perform well in the PSLE.

The details of the seminars are as follow:

Available dates of seminars:

(Dates will be updated soon)


Time                : 8.30am – 1.00pm

Venue             : Singapore Teachers’ Union, 583 Serengoon Road, Singapore 218197

Fee                  : $50/- per child


Cheques or Money Order should be made payable to SINGAPORE TEACHERS’ UNION. Please note that the closing date for application is 1 week before the seminar dates as stated above. Please download and complete the Application Form and send it to:

Professional Development Department

Singapore Teachers’ Union

583 Serangoon Road,

Singapore 218197


Click here to download Application Form


For more details, please contact Ms Kim at 6299 3936 or write to



Customised School-based Workshop for Students:


5-Day Interactive Photographic Training

Learn From the Professional Photographer Qualified Master.


Take your photography to the next level by learning professional techniques from Master Photographer Joseph K.S. Tan at JMP School of Photography. Learn from the best and gain valuable knowledge to optimize your photography skills.



Click here for profile



Day 1 - Introduction to Photography

Ø  Lecture and Demonstration on:

·         Introduction to Photography.

·         Equipments used in Photography.

·         Types of Cameras and Lenses, their characteristics and usage.

·         Types of accessories, their characteristics and usage.

·         Buying decisions

Ø  Handling of Camera

Ø  ISO Settings

Ø  Demonstration and Hands On by the students


Day 2 - Explanation on Shutter Speed Priority, Aperture Setting, Depth of Field & Composition

Ø  Lecture and Demonstration on:

a)      Shutter Speed and Shutter Speed Priority.                                         

- Understand what is the importance of Shutter Speed and Shutter Speed Priority.

- How it can affect the picture

b)      Aperture setting and it’s effect on the photograph

c)      What is Depth of Field and it’s significance to a photograph

d)      Introduction to Angle of Composition

Ø  Demonstration by Trainer

Ø  Trial and Error - Hands On by the students

Ø  Outdoor Shooting (Instruction will be given for this assignment)


Day 3 - Showing works by students taken on Day 2

Ø  Lecture and Demonstration on:

·         Presentation of work sample taken on Day 2 by the students

·         Discussion and Comments by students and by the Trainer

·         Trainer will then point out the mistakes and errors that the students had made.

Ø  Print Clinic by Trainer

Ø  Photos taken will be commented and proper guidance will be given for improvement


Day 4 - Lecture and demonstration on Aerial, Sports, Industrial Photography and different types of lens filters

Ø  Lecture and Demonstration on:

·           Samples of Aerial Photography and it’s difference from normal photography.

·           Introduction to Sports and Industrial Photography. It’s differences and dynamism.

Ø  Discussion and Comments by students and by the Trainer.

Ø  Introduction to Flash Photography

Ø  Demonstration and Hands On by the students


Day 5 - Final Project Briefing by Trainer. Guideline and requirement for practical shooting. 

Ø  Lecture and Demonstration on:

·         The Trainer will recap and revise all the concepts taught during the course before the students will be tasks to take some shots to implement what has been taught.

Ø  Presentation of Works by all the students

Ø  Discussion and Comments by students and by the Trainer.

Ø  Final Print Clinic and Commendation by Trainer.

Ø  Demonstration and Hands On by the students


To customise school-based workshops for your students, please write to :