STU’s School–based Workshop Customisation

If you are interested to customise school-based workshops, please contact the following:

Mr Thomas Low

Manager, Professional & Student Outreach Department


Tel: 6299 3936

The workshops include the one listed below, in the STU Professional Development Workshop list or in the latest issue of Mentor.

Special dates could be arranged depending on the availability of the trainers.


Workshop title: Conducting Effective Classroom Research: From a classroom question to classroom/school research

Trainer: Dr Lionel Mendoza [Click for profile]

Audience: Pri 1 to Sec 4 Teachers

Maximim no. of participants: 40

Length: Full Day

Description: Many schools/teachers want to carry out research to see if an initiative is effective.  This workshop will help teachers translate their questions/ topic/issue into school-based research.  It is designed to help you take a concern of yours and design a structure to provide evidence as to whether your school/classroom initiative is working and how, potentially, the initiative can be improved.  The workshop will have the following components:

(a)    How to translate a question/topic/issue into a research project

(b)   Issues associated with school-based research.  This will look at some of the problems that teachers and administrators encounter and how to address some of these questions during the planning stage.

(c)    Types of research.  How to select an appropriate type of research for your question.

Noted that many teachers have been exposed to research in courses they have taken.  A workshop of this length cannot train teachers from scratch on how to do research, but it can help them apply the “academic knowledge” to the real world of the classroom/school.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the workshop teachers should be able to:

(i)        Take a question/topic/issue and translate it into a researchable question.

(ii)      Develop a plan to undertake the research.

(iii)     Develop a timeline for the research.



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