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The Write Way Ė Jurong Point first-ever English Handwriting Competition for Primary School Students


Everyone complains of poor handwriting, ie. handwriting that is sloppy, irregular in form, and practically undecipherable. In other words, penmanship is lacking. Penmanship is the technique of writing with the hand using a writing instrument. A personís style of penmanship is referred to as his or her handwriting. It is a personal skill that is under threat largely because of the dominance of the digital means of communication.


At the same time, penmanship as an art form is not often stressed or explicitly taught in schools. Students become computer-savvy from primary one or even earlier, and learn to dislike writing by hand. Such attitudes are worrying to a growing number of parents, as emailing and instant messaging are leading to the demise of a uniquely personal form of expression.


Good penmanship, like Chinese calligraphy, has been a well respected form of art throughout history. Good penmanship of individuals always impresses. A well crafted letter is often regarded as a sign of breeding and sophistication, while a sloppy note reflects, maybe unfairly at times, sloppiness of mind. A beautifully hand-written note always impresses. This point should be made known to students and teachers.


There is growing evidence that handwriting fluency is a basic building block of learning and progress in studentsí school work. Because of the many educational implications of neatness and good handwriting, the Singapore Teachersí Union (STU) is giving support to the penmanship project and getting its teacher-members to promote good handwriting habits in schools.


Furthermore, in conjunction with Teachersí Day, this competition invites students to send in handwritten tributes to their teachers. The winning participants, his/her parents and his/her school will receive cash and product prizes worth more than $75,000.


We hope you could encourage your students to participate in this meaningful competition. For more information, please visit:


You may also contact Ms Kamini for any query about the competition:


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