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Membership Facts

For your quick and easy reference, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

If you have any queries, please contact Ms Fiona Mak (STU Membership Department) at Tel: 6452 4403.

1) I am a STU member and have just have been promoted to the post of Vice Principal. A friend told me that now I belong to the General Branch (GB) of STU, what is the difference?

As a GB member of STU, you are eligible for social, recreational and professional benefits provided by STU.

The only difference between the Ordinary and General Branch members is that we cannot represent the latter in matters related to terms and conditions of service. We can only offer you advice on these matters.

2) What benefits does STU membership offers?

For a detailed listing of STU membership benefits, please look up the section on Membership Benefits.

3) I am a trainee teacher taking the PGDE programme in NIE. Can I join the STU? If yes, how much do I have to pay?

Yes, trainee teachers (employed by MOE) studying in NIE are eligible for STU membership.
At present, we process applications by NIE trainee teachers (employed by MOE) as category ii applicants. As such, the one-off entrance fee is S$10.00 and the monthly Union subscription is S$9.00.

The one-off entrance fee and monthly subscription will be deducted form your salary upon your check-off authorisation.

Available at the NIE Student liaison office are the following Forms:
1) STU Membership Application Form,
2) Check-off Authorisation Form for deduction of entrance fee and Union

Or you can download the Form here.

Complete them and mail them to us, so that we can process your membership.

4) I am a STU member and have been posted to a new school this year. Do I have to inform STU?

Yes, please keep us posted about changes in your personal particulars. We seek your help in ensuring that our membership records are valid and updated.

Please look up the section on updating of particulars.

5) I have been a STU member for more than 20 years and will be retiring soon. I heard from my retired friends that after retirement they had applied to become a STU Life member. What is this STU Life membership scheme?

Under the STU Constitution on Membership:
"(d) All persons who have, upon their retirement from the education service or teaching profession, been ordinary members of the Union for not less than 10 continuous years shall be eligible for the life membership of the Union provided that any application for life membership shall be made in writing to the General Secretary not later than six months after the date of retirement."

Retired members can continue their association with the STU by applying to become a STU Life member. A STU Life member continues to enjoy members' rates for STU activities and promotions. Life members will also be eligible to sign up or continue on our group insurance plan - STU Personal Accident Lite (PAL) Plan for the continued coverage for them and their family members.

Retired members may also like to continue their NTUC Membership as a U Live Members with monthly subscriptions. For more information on U Life Membership by NTUC, please log on to http://www.ulive.sg or call the Customer Service Hotline at 62138008.

The above information is correct at the time of posting.