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There are two categories of STU membership:

1) Ordinary Branch (OB) Member
(Most Education Officers would belong to this category)
As an OB member of STU, you are eligible for all grievance-handling services, social, recreational and professional benefits provided by STU.

2) General Branch (GB) Members
(Education Officers like Principals belong to this category)
As a GB member of STU, you are eligible for social, recreational and professional benefits provided by STU. The only difference between the Ordinary and General Branch members is that we can offer advice but we cannot represent the latter in matters related to terms and conditions of service.

STU membership brings you a host of benefits:

1) Assistance in work related matters

We have highly qualified staff to advise and assist you if you need advice on your terms and conditions of service and assistance with work-related problems.

2) Professional Activities

We also assist our members in their work as teachers by organising courses, workshops and seminars on professional issues. We believe that the Union can help our members keep abreast with the latest developments in teaching pedagogy and methods.
3) Other STU Activities

We organise a host of social, sporting and recreational activities for our members. These are advertised regularly in our newsletter "The Mentor" which is sent on a regular basis to your home.
4) NTUC U Card

The NTUC U Card, which also acts as your STU Membership Card (with STU stickers) is your passport to a whole array of rebates, discounts and the privileges of membership of the NTUC Club.

More information is available on the NTUC website at


5) Uplus Credit/Debit Card

Free for life* for all NTUC Members, it gives you more LinkPoints, more Saving and more U-Power to enjoy life to the fullest!

*Only NTUC members are eligible to apply for Uplus. Prevailing monthly membership fees still apply.

For more information , go to


6) Personal Accident Lite Plan
The STU PAL Plan is aimed at SUPPLEMENTING your other insurance coverage and providing you with the opportunity to extend this coverage to your family as well.  This plan has been tailor made for out teacher members. Take advantage of this exclusive premium coverage with affordable rates.
7) Special Travel Insurance Program for STU members and families only.                 

Enjoy all year round travel insurance @ 20% discount!
Per Trip Plan: 20% from the standard Chartis' Travel Guard Premium.          
Annual Plan: 10% from the standard Chartis' Travel Guard Premium.

Online Purchase:

STU Welfare Fund
STU members are eligible to apply for the above fund under certain circumstances such as prolonged medical conditions, loss of income, permanent or temporary incapacity as well as any other form of financial hardship approved by the Union. A successful applicant will receive an award of  up to $5.000 depending on the circumstances of each case.

SIM University - STU Sponsorship Scheme
As part of STU's significant effort to encourage our members  to keep abreast of the continual changes in the education system, the Singapore Teachers' Union(STU) and SIM University (UNISIM) signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) to offer four(4) sponsorship places in each academic year to STU members.

Yearly Momentos
Members will receive theeir yearly momentos in the first quarter of the year. To make it more convenient to our members, we will deliver the momentos to schools.

Professional Talks to School at NO Cost
We also provide FREE talks to schools and trainees at NIE. Topics like "Teachers and the Law" and "Clearing your Probation and Getting your first Promotion" are very relevant and well received by our members.



    If you have any queries, please contact Ms Fiona Mak (STU Membership Department) at Tel: 62993936

The above information is correct at the time of posting.

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