Photo Gallery
First Ordinary Delegates' Conference  2007
NTUC Fame Award 2008
Kagan Workshop : March 2008
STU Family Day @ Downtown East
Conversation with visiting Professors
Dialogue with Non-Graduate Teachers
Magazine Editing Course
Dialogue with MOE Officials on GROW 2.0 Package
'O' Level English/Literature Workshop - 2008
Kagan Workshops - Sept 2008
Recruitment at NIE
NTUC Membership Award
School Talk at Victoria School
Delegates' Dialogue at DXO on 11th July 2009
Signing of MOU with UniSim on 23rd July 2009
Workshop: Educational Use of NLP by Dennis Sale
Beginning Teachers' Forum at OMB on 05/09/09
Retirees' Appreciation Lunch at York Hotel on 03/10/09
Beginning Teachers' Forum on 04/09/10
Delegates' Dialogue at DXO on 08/09/10
2010 Retirees' Appreciation Lunch at York Hotel on 02/09/10
The Need for Philosophical Thinking and Inquiry in Singapore Classrooms by Prof Kishore Mahbubani on 04/12/10 - Video Clip
2011 English O Level Workshops : 06/06/11 - 15/06/11
2011 Beginning Teachers' Forum : 03/09/11
2nd Ordinary Delegates' Conference : 17/09/11
2011 Retirees' Lunch at York Hotel : 08/10/11