STU Professional Courses 2011



The Educational Uses of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) has become very popular in recent years as an approach to achieving personal success and influencing people. It is now being used increasingly in educational institutions to motivate students and improve productive learning behaviors.




Math workshops by Dr Lionel Mendoza (Sept School Holidays!!)

The following are workshops offered by Dr Mendoza:


·        Diagnosing and Remediating Mathematics Problems Using Written Assessment and Interviewing in Primary School

·        Fun with Mathematics: Some Ideas for Teachers That Do Not Require Additional Class Time

·        Reading Mathematics Word Problems: A Workshop for P1, P2 Teachers and Learning Support Teachers

·        PPS – Integrating Practice and Problem Solving in Primary School Mathematics NEW!!

·        Using Graphs to Integrate Mathematics and Language in The Primary School Curriculum NEW!!

·        Fun with Mathematics: Some Ideas for Parents

·        Reading Mathematics Word Problems: A Workshop for Parents of P1, P2 Children



Dynamic Teaching

Thirty easy to use Engaging and Motivating Classroom Strategies. You can use these ideas immediately, often with little or no preparation! In one session collect strategies that can save you hundreds of hours of preparation and research.  Engage your less motivated students and help your keen students to soar with these practical and powerful ideas. Think outside the box - with ideas shared by Mr Charles Barton.




Using the Model Method to Solve Mathematical Problems

The main purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate to participants how what is now called the Model Method in primary mathematics can be used to develop students' understanding of fundamental mathematics concepts and their proficiency in solving word problems in primary mathematics.



Workshop For Teachers  & Parents: Reinforcing English Teaching At Home The Fun Way

Teaching any school subject can be fun and highly successful if there is a special relationship between the teacher and learner(s). This is especially so between parents (as teachers) and their children.


As Ms Claire Yio, one of the presenters puts it, While parents are not expected to carry out formal teaching of language at home, they can do wonderful things for their young children and become their children’s first and best teachers”. Ms Yio will spend time with parents on developing a stimulating environment in the home for the development of their children’s literacy skills.


Dr Ruth Wong will speak on the joy of reading and the fun of story books for children.



Teaching Philosophy for Children (Level 2 Training): Leading to the Award of a Trainer Certificate

This 5-day course is for “Developing the Practice of Philosophical Inquiry in Singapore Schools”, designed for those who have acquired the Level 1 Training Certificate to teach P4C. This Level 2 qualification allows P4C teachers to provide Level 1 training to teacher colleagues in their schools or in other schools. The trainers are Assoc Professor Phil Cam (University of New South Wales, Australia), Mr Clinton Golding and Ms Janette Poulton, both of them from University of Melbourne in Australia.



Workshops by Rick Smith

The following are workshops offered by Rick Smith:


·        Conscious Classroom Management: Bringing Out the Best in Students and Teachers

·        Rebels with Applause: Brain Compatible Approaches for Motivating Reluctant Learners



Teachers as Facilitator ~ Facilitative Teaching

In this workshop, participants understand the role of teachers as a facilitator, one who instructs less and allows students to be more involved in constructing their own learning. Participants will also learn numerous process tools which they could use in their classrooms (applicable to any subject and level) to encourage thinking, participation, interaction and communication among students. This is in line with MOE’s call to equip our students with the 21st century competencies essential for the globalised economy.


P5 Transition Seminar

- for Primary 5 pupils entering the PSLE class in 2012


The Singapore Teachers’ Union has engaged an experienced Head of Department who has been teaching the PSLE class for a number of years. She will be able to guide your child in preparing for the PSLE. She will teach your child how to study, and how to manage time. As your child will be sitting for the most important examination at the primary school level, our speaker will help your child to prepare for the examination. This course is for Primary 5 pupils only.