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STUís Professional Development Strategy


Through Providing Customized Workshops and Courses

Ever since STU expanded its professional development programmes to include customized workshops and courses for both teachers and students owing to curriculum reforms, we have received many requests from the schools to conduct pertinent courses and workshops, which were well received by schools and teachers.

STUís Network of Expertise

For school leaders who are not fully aware of our new expanded service, here is a glimpse of what we can provide:

         How Formative and summative assessment can be improved.

         Social-emotional learning competencies and counseling students.

         Getting students to love and achieve in Mathematics.

         Managing classrooms to help students do better in their studies.

         Next Generation Science Education: Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Emerging Technologies.


This customized provision is grounded in the expertise of a network of lecturers and experts in different fields. Customized workshops and courses will be tailor-made to ensure that school staff are primed to meet the unique demands and challenges all schools will begin to face, given the projected educational reforms. These workshops and courses, are to be held in schools, and will be designed to meet particular needs of schools hosting these services. Write to us to find out more.


For more enquiries, you can email to us at programmes@stu.org.sg or call 6299 3936.